Boost your performance with physical activity

Boost your performance with physical activity


According to the recent studies there is the association between physical activity and learning ability, academic performance at colleges and schools: if a kid takes physical exercises, he does better academically. In other words, sport helps students dispose of boredom and stay focused; besides, it lowers the risk of children’s obesity. Unfortunately, many schools squeeze out physical education classes because of increased educational demands.

30 minutes of jogging delivers the oxygen and necessary nutrients, so the brain gets extra blood to function at max efficiency. Cardio exercises also help the brain get important chemicals that boost brain functions like memorizing, problem solution, and taking a decision. For example, if you are having complex essay assignment and you feel that you can’t write a good paper, you can always try cardio exercises. Of course, there are many experienced and reliable academic writers online, who know how to compose good essay without mistakes on any topic. For personal reasons students turn to CustomEssayWritingService and get excellent results, but who says that essay writers do not spend time on trainings?

What are the benefits of regular workouts?

Actually, a lot of people believe that they should spend more time drilling for tests than on physical education in order to improve test grades. In fact, sport makes body and mind perform better and it can affect performance greatly. When a human takes physical exercises, he releases a few important hormones, like serotonin, known as “mood booster,” dopamine, which influences on learning and attention, and norepinephrine, that is connected with attention, comprehension, motivation, and arousal. When you train your body, you train your mind as well: while performing exercises you develop your attention, memorative faculty and the ability to process information faster. 

Here are few benefits you may gain, if you choose active lifestyle at school and college:

  • Physical activity can be compared with coffee consumption, consequently, when you exercise, you boost your productivity. You start feeling that you get flooded with energy and your brainwork becomes clearer and sharper. Investigations suggested that 30 minute workout increases cognitive function and that effect lasts half an hour or so. 
  • Trainings improve memory. Various studies found out that if you go running or cycling, you are more likely to perform on memory tests better than without exercising. Also joggling or even walking contributes to increasing problem-solving ability. 
  • Sport activities help reduce stress level and fight depression, as it improves your outlook. After an hour of fitness or riding a bike you will feel instant positive change in your mood. The reason is that during workout your body releases the euphoria-inducing chemicals and that effect may last up many hours. Any physical exercise is a stress, but it is a “positive” stress that supports mind when it becomes necessary to deal with more unpleasant stress. 
  • The most obvious benefit is that regular physical activity helps to avoid weight gain and reduce the risk of contraction of various diseases. 

Surprising fact

The scientists discovered that even if a child is enrolled in PE and plays sports 30 minutes, 5 days in a week, that does not have an effect on the scores. That is why students are recommended to engage in vigorous activity for 60 minutes every week. The more active students participate in a sport, the better they perform in college. If your school or college does not offer enough physical classes, try participating in a club or extracurricular activity that brings you joy. Team sports offer more benefits than running alone: group activity improves motor skills, increases self-esteem, and fosters cooperation and work in teams.  Whatever you choose, be sure: regular trainings will help your mind perform better in any situation.

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