8 factors that make the teeth yellow

8 factors that make the teeth yellow


Do you envy the girl of the advertising of toothpaste? Are you embarrassed to laugh in public? In all the photos you leave with your mouth closed? If yellow teeth are a problem for you, we recommend that you read this article to know the main causes.

Why do I have yellow teeth?

First of all, you must understand that the point of comparison is never ads for dental creams, because they exaggerate the whiteness that teeth should have . Nor should we look at celebrities because they use expensive teeth whitening treatments to look that way.

The stains and yellowing of the teeth can develop both externally and internally. The former are more visible, but it does not mean that they are more frequent than the latter.

The reasons why the teeth turn yellow are:

Poor dental hygiene

Do not brush your teeth at least twice a day or do not floss daily accumulate plaque in the line between the gums and the teeth. In a short time the plaque hardens and becomes tartar.

That yellow substance that is only extracted in the dentist traps particles of food that increase the spots.

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People who smoke have darker teeth than those who do not have this vice. The culprits are nicotine and tar, two of the essential components of cigarettes. Quitting smoking will not only help to make the mouth more beautiful, but it will also bring several more benefits to your health.


It is not a matter now to blame the parents or grandparents for having yellow teeth, since surely they also suffer it. Those people who have less enamel on their teeth due to genetic issues are more likely to stain at an early age.

There are also other defects of the genes that affect the development of enamel. This is the case of dentinogenesis imperfecta, where the layer is very superficial and easily damaged. Redheaded people tend to have yellow teeth because they have less ectoderm (the layer that builds enamel).


The passage of time and aging cause the teeth to stain . That is why the color white is associated with youth. As we age, the layer that protects the pieces becomes narrower and wears out.

The edges of the teeth in adults are more translucent, more gray or more yellow.

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Dental restorations

If you have made impasto in the teeth, you will have noticed that they turn yellow over the years. This is because the resin that was used for that procedure is more vulnerable to stains. It is advisable to change them at 5 or 10 years.

The amalgams of silver can in turn cause gray areas on the teeth, and especially on the teeth when repairing cavities.


If they are consumed before 8 years of age, antibiotics, such as tetracycline and doxycycline, discolor teeth, as they are still developing. In the case of adults, medications that can stain teeth are:

  • Antidepressants
  • Antihistamines
  • Blood pressure regulators

Exposure to fluoride

This happens when the water that is drunk contains it in large quantities. It can also be due to the components of toothpastes and mouth rinses. The stains produced by fluoride are usually difficult to remove without professional teeth whitening.


Certain infections cause problems in the enamel and the coloring of the teeth. On the other hand, some treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy increase the risk of yellow teeth, since they produce a greater amount of saliva and plaque.

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Drinks that cause yellow teeth

Eating habits are one of the fundamental factors for having white or stained teeth. The tooth enamel is wearing away and the dentine (darker color) begins to see.

Drinks that can cause yellowish teeth are:


It is drunk all the time in offices and homes, regardless of the time of year, and is one of the biggest reasons why adults have spots on their teeth. The outer layer is very porous and can easily absorb the tone of dark drinks. Try to consume it with milk or cream.

Black tea

While many believe that it is healthier than coffee, in matters related to dentition is not the case. Tea has substances called tannins that can stain teeth.

Avoid drinking it alone and prefer to cut it with milk . Do not hesitate to choose green tea and white tea.

Red wine

Another dark drink that stains teeth. It is true that wine is good for the heart and the brain, as many researches indicate, but it is not entirely beneficial with oral beauty .

Look in the mirror after a glass of red wine and you will notice its effects. You can try a white or pink to reduce the spots.

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For assumptions that could not be missing from this list. Cola drinks are not good for general health and neither for the aesthetics of your teeth.

In addition to their dark tone, they cause contractions in the gums and teeth when they are too cold. This causes greater porosity and propensity to stains.

In turn, the soft drinks contain citric and phosphoric acids that erode the enamel . Not counting the sweeteners and sugars included in the recipe, which cause tooth decay, among other oral problems.

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